Ian Sparks and Rain Part 2



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Rain desperately wants to get fucked, as we learned at the end of the last video. Today, he gets his wish. Ian Sparks looks happy and intent as he gives this twink a good sweaty plowing and sets the bench a-creaking. Rain takes it all off so he can stroke and pinch his sexy chest as he gets fucked. We REALLY LIKE the genuine horny look on his face, because that’s what we’re all about here – being genuinely horny. No, getting you genuinely horny. That’s what it was.



A post-script: If you watched the whole clip, you may be wondering why we edited out “the cumshot”! If so, you are wondering the wrong wonder, because…well, it didn’t happen. Yes, we made and are selling a pornographic film clip with NO CUMSHOT INCLUDED. Crazy, eh? We point this out because, in our Hot Sex belief system, orgasms aren’t always part of the canon, and that’s not the point of view you always see represented in porn. There are many reasons for people not to cum – not enjoying the sex is only one possibility, and we’re 100% certain that wasn’t the case in this scene. Okay, we’re done making you think for now. You may return the blood to your genitals.