Papí Coxxx and Stud Slayer – UPDATED



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Oh, daddy! Prepare yourself for some smokin’ hot switcharoo sex. You’ve been begging to see this scene for a long time, and we finally got your letters (mail is still a thing, it seems). Watch Papí Coxxx get spread out all over our St Andrew’s Cross for a spanking – we heard they’ve been very, very bad. Fortunately, Stud Slayer is ready and willing to show Papí how they can mend their ways – a skilled and enthusiastic multi-part blowjob seems to be a good start, and a little rimming never seems to go amiss around here. We probably shouldn’t even tell you about all the positions these two get themselves into, not to mention the many, many loud and joyful orgasms. Check out the photo gallery to get yourself warmed up, because you’re going to want to be ready for some action when you see what’s behind that play button.


EDITED TO ADD: For those of you who’ve gotten in touch about the sheer massive size of the clip – sorry, we forgot that not everybody is a size queen! We took the time to cut down and repost this scene as four parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and their interview. We always want to give you the best experience here at QueerlySF, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you have issues with the site.