A short break

Our hardworking video editor/upload fairy/artisanal Internet post craftsman Freddy Boxwood is going on a working vacation for a couple of months, so we won’t have any brand new updates until autumn. But don’t let that stop you from revisiting our archives! There are a couple great ways to sort through our deep back catalog (which sounds like dialogue from a librarian fantasy porn) – first, there’s that big button that says “Porn” up at the top, maybe you’ve noticed it. All our movies are findable through that dropdown menu. Second, every page has our archives listed by month at the bottom right of the page. Finally, if you have a favorite star you’re eager to watch, you can use the search bar in the upper right of the page. Also, over the next months we’re going to try out a different tagging system that will more clearly identify what kind of action is taking place in each scene.


Here’s a taste of some of our favorite scenes if you need to get off RIGHT NOW and you just CAN’T WAIT:

Papí Coxxx’s encounter with Stud Slayer was an instant fan favorite. Get yourself warmed up with Part 1, get in the groove with Part 2, and finish strong with Part 3. If you have a strong need coupled with a strong network connection, find the full clip here.

A critic’s favorite classic from the T-Wood library, see Feminist Porn Awards Heartthrob of the Year Drew DeVeaux and Vid Tuesday get down here and here.

Finally, a couple of staff-recommended all-around fun scenes – Boots and Bonfire’s exhaustingly sexy engagement with each other is here, and Ned and Cadence lose themselves in fun right over here.


Thanks for supporting QueerlySF, and stay tuned for future updates – we’ll be back with a bang before you know it!