What do nursing and porn have to do with each other?

What do nursing and porn have to do with each other? Did I work my ass off through grad school just so I could make naughty nurse porn?

No, nursing and porn do not mix for me, on screen anyway. Here’s the thing, I am extremely passionate about sexual health and teaching people ways to be sexually healthy. And, not relating to porn, I went into nursing with the hopes of working with underserved populations, like queers, trans people, and sex workers. I had to advocate for myself and do my own research about trans medicine when I first started my transition, about nine years ago, which made me think I could make that into a career, or at least help other people like me. During school, I found out that I love nursing. I love nursing will all sorts of communities, queer related or not. I love learning about the body, how to heal people, how to help people stay healthy, and how to work with communities to help each other stay healthy. I love nursing from the educational standpoint to the blood and guts. Queer issues, human sexuality, and community health are all majorly affected by healthcare, and I, Dex Hardlove, RN, am here to serve my communities.