Why do you do porn?

Dear Dex,

Why do you do porn? Seems like a wild choice, being a Nurse and a porn star.


Thanks for asking. Porn is a platform where I can have awesomely hot sex, and show people how to use all sorts of barriers and be safely slutty. My passion for sexual health and queers gets to be displayed on screen where I can show people ways to have safer sex and negotiate their boundaries while getting people all hot and bothered, rather than giving some sort of dry abstract theoretical lecture about safer sex practices you may or may not feel comfortable executing when it comes to down to actually hooking up with someone in person. I like to go with the hands on approach. Look at all the different types of porn stars we have at T-Wood Pictures and Dolores Park Productions! Our cast proudly wields a plethora of different body types, sexual desires, identities, safer sex boundaries… you name it. Did you ever wonder how you might whip out a dental damn or glove with that guy you just met at the sex club without losing your boner over some long drawn out processing session about safer sex practices?  Ever wonder how that translates to different body types? Well, watch our porn for some examples.

Right Dex, but what does that have to do with nursing?

I see safer sex practices as a form of preventative healthcare. Protecting yourself not only reduces your risk for getting STIs, but can also help keep your partners, and their partners, and their partners, and so on from spreading stuff around the community. If you want to be slutty and stay slutty, think about what you can do to keep you and your lovers/partners/friends/hook-ups healthy too. So, what I’m saying is that porn in my show-and-tell demonstrational hands-on approach to teaching people about sexual health.