T-Wood begin in 2006 as a project of EROS-the Center for Safe Sex ( to spread the word of safer sex among a segment of the viewing audience who were being neglected, gay trans men.  At first known as Trannywood (many trans men on the West Coast and elsewhere, thought it important to identify with that T word.  Now, we are also known as T-Wood, with the acknowledgement that T can be for Transgender, Transexual, Testosterone, or whatever is transtastic. Look for gay ftm scenes related to our feature projects in this space.


The Rec Room series developed quickly as a way to utilize trans men and other trans masculine folks, and cis men who wanted to shoot more often than T-Wood was able to do with our feature projects.  Rec Room is a fantasic place, maybe in an apartment building, a dorm, a warehouse, that guys visit and create their own scenes.  Often it’s just a place to get down and busy, but sometimes it’s a classroom or workout room.  You never know what these guys are going to create or who’s going to visit next.

Old School / Hardcore

Sometimes actors want to recreate a feel of an older genre or want to just explore some limits.  This is the place to find Leather Daddy/Bootblack scenes, rough and ready work room scenes, and anything else that doesn’t fit our regular projects.

Dolores Park Studios

DPS was born out of a desire of a lot of women, cis and trans, to shoot with a company that has T-Wood’s values.  Brunch Bunch was our first feature project, but allows us to create more scenes with more queer women and men.